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Elsa Henderson: By Faith Isaac

By Faith Isaac

The Bible’s Great Faith Hall of Fame in Hebrews chapter 11 honours Abel, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham as outstanding examples of faith and identifies the acts that qualified them for this prestigious list. Then we can read, “By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau in regard to their future” (Hebrews 11:20). Merely speaking a blessing? How does this act rate alongside Noah’s building the ark or Abraham’s leaving his country? Read more

Elsa Henderson

Elsa is the daughter of Percy and Elsie Bromley, lifetime Bible teachers and missionaries with the China Inland Mission, later known as the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. Elsa’s knack for writing Bible stories was caught rather than taught. From infancy, she and her siblings learned Bible stories at the knee of their mother, a master storyteller, who told rather than read the stories. Read more

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White Robes for Eternity?

At the Rapture we will be dressed in “white robes” washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb.[1] What do these robes declare? We are all the same in God’s sight. All washed in the blood of the lamb. The thief on the cross, who did no good deeds after accepting...

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Tribulation, Mercy and Justice

Tribulation. The word disturbs us. The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible uses the word ‘tribulation’ quite freely; other translations use the word more sparingly, and some avoid the word altogether. The original Greek noun used in the New Testament means...

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Sanctify vs Consecrate

The Bible says much more about consecrating than about sanctifying or making holy.[1] As a general distinction: God sanctifies, man consecrates. In the matter of holiness, there is God’s part and man’s part. Man cannot make anything holy, but man can act in obedience...

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